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“Nanette Walsh is to be congratulated for producing what deserves to become a classic text for all Alexander teachers. …Walsh’s choice of words is as truly authentic as words can ever be. … This is touching tribute to a remarkable woman and teacher.” —STATNEWS : MALCOLM WILLIAMSON

“With clarity and a gentle touch, Nanette Walsh brings up into the room with Master Teacher, Peggy Williams. …she connects Peggy’s story and the very personal process of working with Peggy for this book, to her own encounter and odyssey with the Alexander Technique. … Read this book. Meet Peggy Williams. Get inspired.” — AmSAT JOURNAL : LORI SCHIFF

“Every Alexander Technique student and teacher in training needs to read this book! AT trainees today will seek out the guidance of first generation teachers in books and articles, but rarely will they find such a personal story of courage and change. I have found myself distanced from previous stories of master teachers, imagining them in a world so different than the one I live in today. But, this book told Peggy William’s story in a way that allowed me to see myself in her pain, struggle, and growth. I found myself inspired by a woman I have never met. Walsh has provide an amazing gift for future generations by preserving Peggy’s teaching and story. 

Also, the lesson transcripts and glossary at the end are absolute GOLD! Get this book on your AT bookshelf immediately.”—SERENA VENDITTO

“Unsmudged is a page-turner that reads as a narrative although using, in large part, an interview format. Peggy Williams’ path to discovering her own truth and beauty through lifelong study of the Alexander Technique inspires. Her personal foundational experience with F.M. Alexander and how she developed her Alexander Technique teacher training further, gives a new perspective on his legacy. A story within a story, the writing of the book itself serves as a vehicle for a deep, beautiful relationship to evolve with mutual respect between the writer and her teacher, mentor, and friend. This compelling book is a testament to faith and patience coming to fruition.”—GAYL FORMAN 

“This book is many things: a touching memoir of an amazing woman’s journey; a story of both the author and the subject’s incredible perseverance, strength, commitment, and integrity; a window into how bonds of friendship can form…even across oceans and generations; an inspiration to anyone who finds themselves in difficult circumstances, searching for a better way forward; a treasure-trove of knowledge to present and future Alexander Technique teachers, of any experience-level; a gem of instruction, insight, and encouragement to all practitioners of the Technique. But most of all, both in its telling and its existence, this book is an absolute TRIUMPH of the human spirit.”—JOE ESPOSITO, PORTFOLIO MANAGER AT JENNISON ASSOCIATES, FOUNDER OF INNER NERDS

“Peggy was an unforgettable person, and we are happy to read of Nanette’s experiences of her as a teacher and friend. For Peggy’s remaining friends in the Alexander Community this will evoke happy memories. For those who never met her, it will bring Peggy to their notice and consideration, as another complex human being whose life was changed by contact with F.M. Alexander.

“Nanette’s account reminds us of the variety of emotional expressions, which punctuated Peggy’s gossip. We were blessed with many anecdotes that more fastidious colleagues would not have appreciated. Nanette appears to have had the benefit of sharing that delightful aspect of Peggy’s nature. Everything she writes about Peggy rings true with us, and she has done well in providing her own beginnings regarding the problems she hoped to solve with the Technique and her meeting with Peggy, the right person at the right time. We are sure that wherever Peggy now is, she is smiling to see Nanette’s efforts on her behalf—and of course on Alexander’s.”—JOAN AND ALEX MURRAY

“This remarkable book honors a teacher who devoted her long life to exploring the possibilities for change available through the Alexander Technique. Her commitment to excellence was based on patient cultivation of an extraordinary ability to listen with her hands, quietly and intuitively, to the problems caused by mal-coordination in her pupils, giving them permission to improve as she provided guidance.”—ED AND LINDA AVAK

“Excellent reading!”—CHARICLIA GOURNARIS

“Riveting, at times moving. Peggy comes to life. She didn’t need to speak—her hands did the talking—but her insight expressed in words, her scrutiny of the work, is extremely valuable. It’s a gift to have this preservation of her memory.”—ROB MACDONALD, JUNGIAN ANALYST, TEACHER OF THE ALEXANDER TECHNIQUE (LONDON, ENGLAND)

“Thank you, Peggy and Nanette, for an inspiring book that reminds us of the power of our Alexander work to truly transform lives.”—MARY HOLLAND, CO-DIRECTOR, THE ALEXANDER TECHNIQUE TRAINING CENTRE (MUNICH, GERMANY)

“As I became more aware externally, I became more aware internally. –P.W.
Nanette brings Peggy Williams wholly to life for all of us. Peggy was, and is, an example of how valuable the work of F.M. is for all who really, really want change.”—LORI SCHIFF, TEACHER OF THE ALEXANDER TECHNIQUE, THE JUILLIARD SCHOOL